My name is Aliana and this is my artblog. This is where projects and doodles go. You'll also see me geek around. *cackle*

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Watercolored uniforms!

And I wanted to paint Yun mailrunning ‘u’
I’ve been getting back into watercolors..they’re so relaxing~

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Fluffy Sugawara ;____;

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Kids kids kids. I accidently posted this in my other blog and had to do a redo XDD

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Hachi’s grandma: she’s the type of Grandma that makes you eat because you’re so skinny but calls you fat at the same time. 

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How bout I’m ridiculous.

I get ridiculous when I read manga.

Once upon a time, I thought the best thing was the style. I loved pretty Clamp styles and CCS!

And now, XD, I’m like “WOW,LOOK AT THOSE FREAKING HANDS” and I will LITERALLY— LITERALLY--STARE AT THAT ONE PANEL, THAT ONE PAGE, OUT OF THE ENTIRE CHAPTER AND WORLD to stare at this one character’s hands. Like I really did stare at Yato’s sword grip for an extremely good amount of time.

Or I’ll be like “AUUUUUUUUUUGGGGH. LOOK AT THAT ANATOMY.” And it’ll be a naked girl. Nudity will not stop me. Even with a 1000 layers on, I will stop and stare.

I get “angry” when I’m relishing someone’s mad skills. And by angry, I don’t mean jealous. I mean instead of being normally happy when you eat a cake, you get angry about how delicious it is. Your happiness is so happy that it turns into a raging happiness.

You should’ve seen me when I was reading Hikaru no Go (illustrated by Deathnote’s Takeshi Obata). I die every panel.(And Bakuman too! )


Nice boy shorts. BUT DO YOU GET IT. DO. YOU. GET. IT. *LEAVES* These are real.

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*sobs* haikyuu!! family invasion

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I have an idea based on The Three Little Pigs fairy tale, but it’s of an exploration-type game about a little wolf puppy who explores their three houses.  This house is supposed to be a greenhouse/garden-type home. Made some color roughs!

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Inex models for me.

I came up with the idea to send each other fashion things (between me and my sister) and she sent me: this and lotsa other pics including flower crowns lol. He looks like Pinocchio. Or a cast member at Peco’s Bill at Disney LOL.

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on a sports-anime playlist.

I’ll toss this here too for ART REASONNSSSSS.

Wolf wolf! >O

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Dai at the library. And his little origami-messenger.

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Hachi’s Room

His layout and furniture. Hachi tries to keep it tidy. Tries. This room was given to him by his Grandma. His hometown is on another island that is more modern. But this island is older, with a lot of bulky things. Like that TV (which is based off an ancient TV I used to have.) That lamp is based off Hachi’s toys. It also has a digital clock in it (that rectangle on the base..).

His room used to be two monk rooms until his grandparents renovated the place.


My OC from ages ago. I was doodlin and I liked it more than a doodle wehehe.

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Final Painting of Kyzer and Aizaq

Then some detail shots, final color sketches and the process of mainly Kyzer. He went from having some 80s jacket, to an open jacket and a blanket-skirt xD. I was tempted to leave those pocket-bags but I figured they made him look like a merchant. And thieves do not need to show off their pockets. Which is what these two are essentially. (Thieves not pockets xDD) I left him with that blanket so they can hide from the cold at night. Or just hide and pretend they’re a magic carpet in general. 

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